A classical horror story based on the works of H.P Lovecraft and others, featuring state-of-the-art effects and pre-calculated CGI, and an original orchestral soundtrack, "a la" Bernard Hermann.


"A police agent, the Inspector Smith, is tracking a cult leader, Anton Völkner, after investigating on a serie of murders apparently connected. The hero will follow his traces to the darkest parts of our universe, led by outerspace gods worshipped by prehistoric tribes forgotten since millions of years. After many researchs, from Cozumel to the Miami occult secret societies, thru the oldest families of Rhode Island, he will find the evidences of a large conspiration headed by Nyarlatotep, the "Crawling Chaos", to enslave humanity. Smith will return to Providence, and will attempt to disrupt the coordinated attack by forces who are slowly invading the city's undergrounds."

Manipulative and evil. Affected by a rare illness, he needs to survive to absorb certain substances contained in the human body, notably the brain. He sees organisms appearing in frequencies invisible to humans,and can interact with them, eventually at the price of huge pains. He can read minds, in a way relatively precise, and apparently can anticipate over time, by some seconds, seeing some clues, via the invisible creatures populating our world and making connections between places, people, and other creatures. He is the leader of an ancient and secret cult, worshipping a minor servant of Nyarlatotep, a cult with about 200 members, mostly from upper classes, following his orders. A solitary inspector of the Providence Police gets the mission to study Völkner and the murders to find his location, and ultimately to bring it back. Recently given to the care of a psychiatric institute, Miss Jenkins is the last person who have seen Völkner, and was his secretary at the time. She is now completly ill, and the Police didn't get any reliable information from her, only a recitations of strange and mostly unbelievable facts, more ressembling to science fiction. A young actress sentimentaly involved with Anton Völkner. At first Völkner financially supported her, and helped her to sign a contract with a major film production company. And after some time he proposed to her, seeing she was totally under his spell. She is now missing like Völkner,her relatives have no news of her since then. Miami based doctor, specialized on strange affections and illnesses. Police Officer, one of the two discoverers of the body of a young clockmaker in Providence. Since then profundly disturbed.